Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Echo is a non-profit wildlife conservation organization that works closely with volunteers, interns, students, and the local community to protect the beautiful, Yellow-shouldered Amazon on the idyllic Caribbean Island of Bonaire.

Our multi-faceted approach to wildlife conservation means that we have many different roles on offer that are available for volunteers of all backgrounds and interests. People love to join us for lots of reasons from kick-starting their career in conservation science and research to kicking back and surrounding themselves with plants and parrots.

If you would like to know more about what volunteering with Echo entails, then visit our Frequently Asked Questions.


Parrot Husbandry Volunteer – year-round availability

As a parrot husbandry volunteer, you will be caring for our captive population of Yellow-shouldered Amazons that have come to us as confiscations from the illegal wildlife trade or as injured wildlife. Parrot husbandry volunteers focus on ensuring these birds are happy and healthy.

Key duties include:

  • Daily food preparation and feeding of the captive parrots, including collecting donated and native fruits/vegetables.
  • Weekly aviary maintenance such as cleaning, creating enrichment, and collecting/installing branches and perches.
  • Monitoring the health and behavior of captive birds.
  • Assisting with the training of our feathery conservation ambassadors from the education aviary
  • Assisting the site manager with health checks, relocations, and any other onsite work needed.
  • Assisting with general site maintenance and upkeep.

NOTE: Other than our conservation ambassadors and any birds with special needs, these parrots are not pets and contact with them is minimized to ensure they have the best chance at rehabilitation and release.


Nest Monitoring Volunteers (May – September) x3 positions available

The nest monitoring volunteer will assist our intensive nest monitoring of the Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot (Lora) during the breeding season across the island of Bonaire. The main duty of the nest monitoring volunteer is to carry out the daily fieldwork needed to check nests and determine their breeding status.

As the Lora mainly nests in natural cavities in cliff faces, the work requires you to access the nests by abseiling and climbing using single-rope technique. While full training will be given by an experienced field biologist, prior experience with any kind of rope work/rock climbing and wildlife monitoring is an advantage.

Key Duties:

  • Driving, hiking, abseiling and climbing to nest sites
  • Monitoring nest activity and physically checking chicks where appropriate
  • Installing nest cameras
  • Reporting on findings and working with project manager to determine and carry out conservation interventions


Assistant Habitat Warden Volunteers (October – January)

As Assistant habitat warden, your role will assist Echo’s vital habitat restoration program, this role will involve everything to do with the restoration of the dry forest habitat from watering plants in our native tree nursery to monitoring our reforestation sites and venturing out into the dry forest to collect data on best methods and practices for restoring the habitat.

Key duties:

  • Day-to-day management of the native plant nursery
  • Collection of seeds, seedlings, and possibly cuttings from target native trees
  • Monitoring of established reforestation sites
  • Data collection and record keeping on various reforestation projects
  • Maintaining fences and trails within restoration sites


We are also always looking for On-Island Volunteers to help us out whenever they can with our:

  • Native Nursery
  • Roost count (January)
  • Parrot Husbandry
  • Tours & Visitor Center
  • Or if you have any other handy skills that could be helpful, just get in touch!



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