Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities

Parrot Keeper – Available Year Round

Do you have a passion for parrots? Do you have experience caring for captive parrots? Are you handy and creative enough to enrich the birds’ aviaries? If you answer yes to all these questions, this could be the volunteer position for you! A typical day will start with feeding the birds at 6:15 a.m. and monitoring the wild birds coming in to feed. Other parts of your day may include finding native fruits to feed the birds, creating foraging activities for the parrots, and repairing or improving the aviaries.  Depending on the unpredictable arrival of rescued birds, you may get to take part in a release or receive new birds into the aviaries. You will also be expected to be involved in other research, conservation, or outreach activities, depending on Echo’s activities while you are here.

Terrestrial Bird Researcher – Available from March 2020

Do you have a passion for birding? Do you have experience in identifying birds by sight and sound? Do you enjoy hiking and exploring remote locations? Are you an “early bird” – pun intended! If you answer yes to all these questions there could be a volunteer position for you with Echo on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.

A typical day will start pre-dawn as you set out to locations around the island in order to spot and listen for as many different birds as you can identify in a given period of time. Once back at the Conservation Centre, you will input your data into a record to later be submitted as a part of a growing database on terrestrial bird monitoring. On days when you are not going out into the field to collect data, you will help with feeding the birds at 7am and helping the Echo team in its other projects and activities for the rest of the day. You will also be involved in other research, conservation or outreach activities, depending on Echo’s activities while you are here.

Plant Conservationist – Available from September 2019

Is a day filled with being outdoors, collecting seeds, potting plants and watering trees your idea of fun? Do you love to garden and have a knack for learning different types of plants as well as the types of environment they’ll grow in? Are you prepared to really get your hands dirty, building fences and trails and trimming branches? Do you want to gain practical experience in botanical work while also learning about conservation management and helping to make the world a better place? If so this could be a perfect position for you!

This role will involve hands-on physical work in a tropical climate (think temperatures of 27°C/80°F+ and lots of cacti around you!). An early start (6:30 a.m. is best) is typically followed by a midday siesta or break before returning to work until sunset.

Daytime Volunteer Positions

Are you on Bonaire and want to help protect this unique and special place but don’t have a lot of time to commit to it?  No worries, we have regular morning and afternoon projects which could use your help!  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at least a day in advance so that we can coordinate your visit and volunteering.

Other Positions

We’re always interested to hear from good people! If you have an interest in plants and/or birds, like the outdoors and hard work, or have skills you think could be handy (such as welding, gardening, mechanics, and carpentry, to name a few) then please contact us via the application form. We may have a need you’d be perfect for!

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Applicants must be highly motivated, physically and mentally fit, and able to work independently or as part of a team.

Before applying please read through our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about volunteering with us.

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